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About Trangell:

A small team of designers and developers with 10 years of experience. Now we are Trangell ?
We design websites, SEO and do more things like Windows Application programming, Android and iOS app developing ?

  Developer Services

Web Design

Designed to suit the needs of your business and affordable price plan


Consultation and Technical Support

Just relax! We do your website technical works. Content Management, Hosting etc

خدمات برنامه نویسی طراحی سایت جوملا و سئو

Extension Development

Order-specific extensions to proprietary content management systems and scripts


SEO and Optimization

Check and optimize your website SEO, UI and Coding improvement

more Developer Services

طراحی سایت ترانگل

Web Design

We do not look to Trangell only as a business but our purpose. our main goal is to provide the appropriate solution design and improving the quality of their site. We try to offer reasonable prices and apply knowledge and combining it with art and with Farsi language internet sites that fit our design and implementation. Always trying to break the limitations of today's technology.

طراحی سایت

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Extension Development

Simply plug-in program requires technical knowledge Unfortunately, developing extensions for Joomla or WordPress content management simple and functional system is very weak and limited. So we addition to the design, development and manufacture of proprietary extensions and cost effectively. We're trying to provide you with useful extensions made public, a step to help webmasters and their users.

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افزونه نویسی جوملا  - وردپرس و php

trangell team

شهریار توکلی

شهریار توکلی / Shahryar Tavakkoli

Co-Founder of Trangell
iOS Developer
Back-End Developer


آرین علیجانی / Arian Alijany

Senior Graphic Designer
UI/UX Designer
Front-End Developer


مجتبی ناصری

مجتبی ناصری / Mojtaba Naserei

Back-End Developer
Server Administrator


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something for them in areas of our expertise!

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