Trangell about

Trangell about

Trangell is a group of computer programming and web application optimization. The website has been created precisely in March 1394 and aims to provide programming services including Web design - SEO and Optimization - Creating computer software - making the mobile app. The purpose of the Trangell Perhaps each group restart several times but Trangell was planned several years ago and because of experience we needed to earn and then getting into a market. Note active groups need good experience and we were not the isolated case,11 years later, we understood we can create a site worthy of our customers with better service.

Trangell purposes (list): 

1. programming services and earn money from it 

2. Organize tool made and sell it comprehensively 

3. Build a group of developers working on open source software are free for community 

4. Build comprehensive website for the dissemination of quality education both free and commercial 

5. Build a small community to respond to user problems

You can see our portfolio as a demo of our experience

We believe that our blog should be the best part of our community. we will share articles, tutorials about programming and SEO.

Note you are able to find many video tutorials in our Blog! you will find many tutorial about CMS and other programming techniques.

Publish open source plugins and applications

Many content management systems or scripts enable big and small features for users but in this interval may be some of the needs of users by default For example, Joomla post counter is a simple component that was released Posts Or become integrated with many other plugins that do not meet customer requirements For this purpose, we have tried to put together a training that will teach users to be added to the Open Source Community And better facilities produce ourselves and we start to produce small modules and plugins. This plugins are free and publish on the web, but also some cases will be premium.

And finally we have tried to provide an appropriate place of your idea and this is the place for questions and answers and solve problems with your programming and SEO.

We hope Trangell to achieve its goals, as well as provide appropriate services to our users

Contact Us:
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